The 10x Lifestyle Challenge™

Are you keen to try something NEW to KICKSTART your health goals?

Did we hear you say “yes”?! That’s awesome, because we have designed a rapid transformation program you are going to love! Join us for a mind, nutrition, and fitness overhaul that the whole family can do. This is a fun and pretty simple program, and it’s called :: The 10x Lifestyle Challenge™ ::

10 days to boost your energy, reset your sleep habits, strengthen your mind and body, and create a greater sense of inner peace and happiness.

In just 10 days you can create radical changes in the way you think about your health and wellbeing. All you have to do is commit to 6 simple action steps, tick and circle your 10x Daily Tracker, watch and feel your success, and have fun with us along the way!

The catch? We aren’t asking you to eliminate anything! Yes, you read that correctly - there’s no quitting, fasting, eliminating, missing out on, or depriving.

This is NOT your average health challenge!

You only have to add in the good stuff.

Honestly, it’s so simple that a 10 year old can do it!

Here’s what you are in for:

10x your movement 
10x your hydration
10x your nutrition
10x your flexibility
10x your mindfulness 
10x your sleep power!

We hear you asking, “so, what does it involve?”

This is what you will receive from us:

  • The 10x Lifestyle Challenge™ QuickStart Guide and Program

  • The 10x Lifestyle Challenge™ Food Guide including plenty of family-friendly recipes with nutrition facts & easily accessible online resources

  • A super-dooper educational and inspiring daily email for 10 days

  • An invitation to join our exclusive private Facebook community - this is where the support, sharing, friendship, and magic happens.

  • 2 FB Live sessions for you to ask your questions and learn from your program creators

We are going to teach you how to move your body better, hydrate appropriately for your body type, up your intake of fresh wholesome foods, increase your joint flexibility, and balance your mindset. And we are going to do all of that in just 10 days!

Sound too good to be true?

We know so many of you have a desire to live healthier and more purposeful lives, and we know the start and evolution of your journey begins with knowledge. The knowledge of truth, the power to make choices, the ability to understand how your body really works, and the desire to use your new-found health knowledge for the benefit of yourself and your family. We include the The Wellness Women’s Foundational Principles of Holistic Health, and you will have the opportunity to explore how these can be applied to your life.

We had a few people ask us, “Do you think I am ready?”

A big part of this program requires you to dive in and have trust in the 10 day journey we are going to take you on. Who knows if we are ever truly ready for change - sometimes it’s forced upon us due to a life crisis, other times we make the choice to be a better version of ourselves. We need you to throw off your cloak of shame, embarrassment, cynicism, or any other negative mindset that has you struggling in your life right now.

This program is not for people who are wanting a handout and for someone to “fix” them. YOU are the one who will do the work. YOU are the one who will make the changes!

Why 10x?

10x is a concept used to describe the 'best' engineers who are 10 times as productive as the worst. We consider ourselves “lifestyle engineers”, so we took this idea and decided to find ways to help you 10x your health and life with the most well-researched lifestyle hacks available. Imagine what your health could be like if you were able to feel 10x better than you do right now?!

We have put together this multi-faceted 10 Day Health System to fast track your results.

What you can expect

10x your flexibility -

Your body is designed to move well for a lifetime. Learn how to increase your joint mobility and create healthy posture habits. Reduce you injury risk, and learn the safest ways to increase your flexibility. If you are a person “with the world’s highest hamstrings!” don’t worry, you will be able to do this!

10x your mindfulness -

Become a Zen Master. Okay, well you won’t achieve ‘master’ status in 10 days, but you will learn the tools and techniques for stress reduction, improved mindfulness, and enhanced positivity. Learn to apply these techniques to enhance your mind-body balance, improve your healing, and remove roadblocks and self sabotaging thoughts. We will help you get back into the drivers seat and take control of your life.

10x your sleep power!

Learn how to hack your biorhythm to improve your sleep quality. With so many modern challenges to our natural sleep cycle, it’s no wonder most of us have sleep issues such as going to sleep, or staying asleep. If you aren’t waking feeling refreshed and recharged, then we will teach you the best methods to improve your sleep habits.


10x your movement

simple and effective daily exercise you can do in less than 10 minutes. Designed to avoid injury, strengthen your body and spine, and with options for people who have existing joint issues.


10x your hydration

get the formula for working out how much water you actually need, and discover ways to make it more fun to hydrate correctly. Learn which water purification methods are best, and how to avoid common environmental chemicals and pollutants. We all know water is the most essential element of life, but do you know how to tell when you are becoming dehydrated? You can learn how to harness the healing powers of water.


10x your nutrition -

Real food education, no fad dieting, inspiring recipes, and simple strategies to increase your vegetable and fruit variety. We said there is no eliminating, but we do provide you a nutritionally balanced meal plan if you would like to overhaul your eating habits and be guided with your meals for 10 days. To sit at the table with us, or not, the choice is up to you!