Ever been totally bamboozled by the conflicting health advice you get from health professionals, friends, or maybe Dr. Google?

We have been bamboozled too.


That's why we founded The Wellness Women and Wellness Women Radio.

It’s time to cut through the crap and elevate your health to the next level. Our mission is to to teach you how to be the very best version of you possible!

We interview the world’s leading experts in health and wellness, share the latest scoops from the medical science and research community, and we invite you to join our social collective of well-educated people who together are raising the bar on women's health and wellbeing around the globe. It’s a huge mission, and we need you to join us!

Wellness is a lifelong process of assuming personal responsibility that empowers you to exercise choice, make informed decisions, and take action towards a more balanced, dynamically sustainable and fulfilling existence in all dimensions of your life.

Meet The Founders

Dr. Ashleigh Bond
Integrative Chiropractor, TWW Co-Founder and Co-Host, Organic Lifestyle Expert, Women's Health Educator. Dr Ashleigh has post-graduate qualifications in Pregnancy and Paediatric care, Sports Chiropractic, and Holistic Lifestyle Coaching.


Dr. Andrea Huddleston
Integrative Chiropractor, TWW Co-Founder and Co-Host, Women's Health Expert, Educator & Presenter. In addition to her Chiropractic degrees, Dr Andrea holds post-graduate Masters degrees in Women's Health Medicine, and Reproductive Medicine from UNSW.


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