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Are you tired of feeling out of shape, out of balance, and out of control with your hormones?

Are you looking to upgrade your health & wellbeing?


Then it sounds like you need to join us on The 28 Day Hormone Reset™! One of the most common things we hear from our patients, and podcast listeners around the globe, is that life would be a whole lot rosier if they didn't have hormone woes! So how do you switch gears and get your biochemistry (your hormones) back in sync? The answer - you need a rock solid plan of action, professional support, and a great group of people around you who have got your back when the going gets tough.

That's why we designed the RESET28™. It is an evidenced-based program that is guaranteed to move you in the right health direction. Can we fix decades of hormone issues in 28 days? Unfortunately we aren't magic health fairies. But you will certainly be putting all the right pieces together to support the balance and harmony of your key hormones involved in stress (cortisol), reproduction (estrogen and progesterone), and metabolism (thyroid). 

Are you wanting to understand your body better? Do you want to know which foods you should eat to calm estrogen overdrive? Would you like to learn about the herbs and supplements that specifically help women with hormonal issues? We are going to share that, and so much more, over these 28 days. 

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What do you get with your 28 day hormone reset™?

  • RESET28 Prep Guide™. A week before the start date you’ll receive an email explaining how to prepare for your 28 Day Hormone Reset. That way, on Day 1, you’ll be familiar with how things work, and ready to go!

  • Pre-recorded kick-off coaching video to get you prepared for your RESET28. During the video, we’ll go over the program details.

  • A complete RESET28 Manual™. This contains your step-by-step weekly guide, including evidence based menu plans with all meals spelled out for you, downloadable food lists, targeted lifestyle changes, low tox living guidance, movement and flexibility challenges for all fitness levels, and so much more!

  • Daily email check-ins and daily support. We’ll email you each day, which will keep you motivated and inspired!

  • Lifetime membership to the RESET28 community support group. The private Facebook group allows you to give and receive support throughout the program. Join our weekly Q&A sessions and an epic community of resetters and past-resetters to keep you inspired and motivated throughout the 28 days!

  • Daily RESET28 Journal™. This PDF journal gives you space to record your experiences during the program. Simply download it to your computer, print out, and fill it in each day.

  • RESET28 isn’t just about food; it’s the whole experience of finding hormonal balance and what works best for you. Enjoy videos, special downloads, and more... you are embarking on a lifestyle transition!


…and did we mention you get exclusive access to us throughout the entire program?! We answer your questions (not support crew), go live on FB, post videos, and more!

So what’s our program going to cost you?

Let’s just say that in private practice it would cost a LOT more to visit a women’s health professional, which is why we believe we’ve made this investment accessible to women around the world!

Lifetime support group access + the entire RESET28 program-3.png


For women wanting real results

How many times have you tried the quick-fix methods only to find things didn't change, or you bounced back to old habits? It's one of the most common frustrations we hear from women. Throughout the RESET28 we are going to try to address the key reasons you are stuck where you are right now, and provide strategies to overcome the hurdles. Time, money, energy, kids, work, motivation, family history, genetics... we've heard so many reasons why women are 'stuck'! on their hormonal rollercoaster! Regardless of why you are on this journey with us, be sure that you will get all the support you need! We will be online daily via our closed Facebook circle -  ask your questions, get advice, and learn from others in the group. 


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Heal you gut, lose the bloating

If you are a regular listener of our podcast, then you will know we are a little crazy about gut health! Creating and supporting a balanced gut microflora is one of the critical elements to establishing balanced female hormones.

Do you have bloating and gas? Constipation or loose bowel movements? Skin blemishes, rashes, allergies? Foggy thinking, headaches, memory loss? Depression or anxiety? Nutritional deficiencies? Poor immune system? Excessive fatigue? An autoimmune condition? There's a good chance you have a gut health issue that may be underlying some (or all!) of your hormone imbalances. 

On this program we cover the essential gut health and healing protocols you need to support the healthy regulation of your endocrine (hormone) system.

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Simple, tasty whole foods

No health program would be complete without... FOOD! We are talking whole, nourishing, really tasty, really good-for-you food. Since neither of us are chefs (or even that good cooks really), we will be sourcing you the best recipes we can put our tastebuds on. You can be as creative as you like if you're a 'foodie', but we will have a few rules for you to play by. The recipes will be clean, simple enough for a busy mum-of-3 to make, and enjoyable to eat. There will be none of those "tastes-like-cardboard" moments for you!

The goal of this program is to nourish your body at a cellular level, excite your senses, and make sure you are getting the correct ratios of fats/proteins/carbs, along with the macro- and micronutrients needed for correct cellular function. 


You will receive:

  • An evidence based nutritional plan

  • Targeted lifestyle changes to reset and restore hormonal balance

  • Exercise guides specific to your metabolic reserve

  • Meditation and stress reduction techniques

  • Low tox living guides

  • Easy to make recipes 

  • Food lists

  • Meal plans

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Delicious recipes the whole family can love! Week-by-week meal plans, food lists, switch-and-swap options, and more!

What they're saying...


Whoohoooooooo 💃🏻 💃🏻 💃🏻 amazing and challenging and eye opening and hard and rewarding. Well done ladies for the entire 28 days! I found what my weakness is (coffee) and my strengths (creating rainbows and staying off dairy and gluten!) and throughout it all, reminded myself that this is not a quick fix but a slow, rewarding, increasingly enjoyable transition into the way my body should be treated. Thank you Wellness Women for not making us count our calories, pinch the skin on our tummies, or berate ourselves if we slipped once or twice.. or, four times. 😍😂 Thank you for the variety of wisdom we now can add to OUR own inate wisdom we have inside for our own unique bodies. This morning I woke up and felt a little niggling feeling when I looked at myself in the mirror before I showered. In came the negative talk!! So I went NO & started a full body brush and loved my body just the way it is. Makes a real difference. Getting out of our heads and operating from our bodies; our limbs, our veins, breathing from our hearts and acknowledging what our minds have to say BUT not letting thoughts stick too much. Congratulations again every body 💖💖💖💖💖 - Kristy R.


My waist is so much smaller than when I started 30 days ago I’ve found so much success in my eating changes.- Liz N.


Thank you Ashleigh Bond Hülkenberg and Andrea Huddleston for all your wisdom. This program has been fabulous, my most outstanding result is the lack of cravings. I fully intend to stay off gluten and sugar as much as possible… Im a little sad that the 28 days have come to an end because its so much easier when Im accountable to someone other than myself. But Im determined, I feel great so want to stay this way. Thanks, it has been great, enlightening, informative but mostly inspiring.  - Maureen A.


I’m so pleased with my results. I really don’t have any craving for the foods that I’ve eliminated from my diet. -Dianne H.


I feel amazing!! I will certainly be taking most of these changes on board as an everyday thing for me. You guys rock, thank you 🙌🙌🙌🙌💖💖💖🙌  - Rose T.


I am shocked and ecstatic... I'm about to ovulate, on day 15 of my cycle 😆

I have had one "normal" length cycle in my entire life with PCOS. My last one was 42 days, the one before 52 days. And there are so many parts to this program I haven't been able to well implement, too! Lesson learned: I need to be more in control of my diet. No sugar means no sugar, MUST stop justifying treats! I really LOVE the program!  - Janelle B.




Q: Who are you? Are you qualified to run this program?

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We are your RESET28™ hosts, Dr. Andrea and Dr. Ashleigh. We are both Integrative Chiropractors and qualified women's health coaches with over 20 years of combined health industry experience. We both have substantial post-graduate education, including Masters degrees in Women's Health and Reproductive Medicine (UNSW). We have a passion and special interest in holistic women's health education and healthcare. We've designed this program for your success. Since we are real women just like you, here's a little heads up - we may not always look as dolled up as this photo on our FB live chats! But make-up or not, we will be guiding you for 28 days, wherever you are in the world. You will have exclusive access to us throughout the 28 Day Hormone Reset. We can't wait to share this program with you!


Q. I’m vegetarian; can I still do this program? Yes, most definitely! We will help you make swaps from any recipes but all nutritional information will be relevant.


Q. Is this program friendly to people with food allergies?   Yes. The food lists are designed to be low allergen and as anti-inflammatory as possible however if there are specific food allergies not accounted for we can help you modify your diet along the way.


Q. Can my children do this too?   We’ve designed this program for women and we love the idea of getting your kids involved in your health choices and we’re sure they’ll love supporting you. The food choices in the program encourage avoiding major allergens, inflammatory foods and anything that contributes to blood sugar issues. Some of the foods we suggest avoiding may not be necessary for kids but we advise checking with your health care practitioner before getting your kids onboard.


Q. Is this just for women, or can men also do The 28 Day Hormone Reset™ program?   Men will do brilliantly on this program too! The closed Facebook group is exclusive for women only because the topics we cover are designed just for you but we absolutely encourage your husbands and partners to support you along the way!


Q. Does this mean I get one on one time with The Wellness Women?   Yep. That’s absolutely right. You have access to us within the private Facebook group, live videos and via email for the duration of the program.  


Q. Funds are a bit tight at the moment, is it budget friendly?   The program is designed to be budget conscious without the need for gym memberships or specialised equipment.


Q. I have diabetes, is The 28 Day Hormone Reset program right for me?   Part of the program is designed to reestablish insulin sensitivity and ensure lowered blood glucose levels. Please check with your health care practitioner before beginning the program. 


Q. I have several health issues and I'm not sure they are all hormone related. Should I still do The 28 Day Hormone Reset program?   The program is designed to help reset your hormones, decrease inflammation, improve gut health, boost energy levels and many other benefits. We have found that irrespective of a patient’s presentation they usually notice symptomatic improvements with this program.


Q. Should I see my doctor before I commence this program?   If you have specific health concerns or are on medication we strongly suggest speaking to your health care practitioner before beginning the program. 


Q. Once I have completed the program, will I still have access to the closed, private Facebook group?   Yes, you will have lifetime access to the 28 Day Hormone Reset information, videos and closed Facebook group.


Q: Is the program vegan-friendly, and gluten-free?   Yes, the program is designed to be entirely gluten free. All recipes can be adapted to vegetarian or vegan with specific nutrition information relevant to you.


Q: I'm flat-out with work, will I still have time to do this?   We absolutely understand how busy life can be and how little time women have for themselves. This is part of the reason we want to connect with you for The 28 Day Hormone Reset. The program is designed to help you create lasting habits and does require some commitment but how much commitment and change is entirely up to you.


Q: I'm a busy mum, is this program family-friendly? Does it require lots of special meal preparation?   The program is absolutely family-friendly and won’t require extensive meal preparation. The food lists and recipes are designed for simplicity and ease. If we can make them, anyone can!


Q: Can I do The 28 Day Hormone Reset while I’m pregnant or nursing?   Yes, the program is absolutely safe if you’re pregnant or breast-feeding. Some of the movement and exercise suggestions may need to be modified for you. We strongly suggest checking with your health care practitioner before beginning the program.


Q: I've had hormonal problems for years, can this program still help me?   Yes, yes yes!


Q. Is 28 days really long enough to change my chronic health issues?   No, but it certainly has the potential to help get you on the right track and create lasting health and lifestyle changes. 


Q: I have a question you haven’t answered here. Help?  No problem! Contact our team at info@thewellnesswomen.com.au and we’ll help in any way we can.

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Lifetime support group access + the entire RESET28 program-3.png

Remember… THE 28 DAY HORMONE RESET is about SO much more than getting a flat belly or dropping weight. Everything you want, or need, for health and wellbeing is inside of you.

...You simply need to unlock the potential of your body to do exactly what it has always been designed to do:

self-heal and self-balance.