fermented food

WWR66: Functional Medicine & Healing Leaky Gut

We’ve mentioned leaky gut on the show countless times and now it’s time to give this syndrome the episode it deserves! On this episode of Wellness Women Radio, Dr Ashleigh and Dr Andrea explain in detail exactly what leaky gut is, how it happens and the best strategies to begin healing as well as the type of practitioner you may want to work with to address leaky gut! Don’t miss this important episode!


WWR44: Dr Jeremy Princi - Gut Health & Fermented Foods

We are so beyond excited for you to hear this episode of Wellness Women Radio with the incredible Dr Jeremy Princi! He is the genius behind the Holistic Lifestyler and is the gut health and fermented foods expert with a special interest in the microbiome. 

Tune in now to hear Jeremy discuss the importance of our gut health, how simple it can be to add fermented foods to your diet and we even question whether or not our off the shelf probiotics are doing us more harm than good!

Ladies, this is an episode not to be missed!